Tips for Choosing the Right Neighborhood When Browsing Toronto Real Estate

Katy Torabi


Selecting a neighborhood where you will live is ultimately a very personal decision to make. After all, you’ll likely want to call the community “home” for the foreseeable future, so you need to be sure that it is a place where you are comfortable and where you can envision yourself and your family growing stronger together. From the energy and amenities of Bay Street Corridor to the willow-tree-lined landscape of Hoggs Hollow, Toronto neighborhoods offer plenty of charm. With so many gorgeous and unique communities, how can you choose one?
Thankfully, Katy Torabi is an experienced real estate broker in the area who knows a thing or two about Toronto neighborhoods. She is happy to share her insights about these neighborhoods with you, and she will gladly answer any questions that you may have about any given community. Here are a few of the things that anyone should look out for when they are searching for the right neighborhood for themselves.

Ask about the status of the neighborhood

There are certain things to be on the lookout for when researching a potential neighborhood you might want to move into. For example, you should be keenly aware of the status of that neighborhood. What kind of reputation does the community have in the local area? You want to live somewhere that has a stellar reputation. This is true not only because you may care about the prestige and elegance there but also because it can be extremely helpful when the time comes for you to sell your home and move elsewhere.
One of the Katy Torabi Toronto tips is that you should always look around to see if there are new construction projects going up in the neighborhood. On the one hand, new construction means that there may be some noise in the area, at least temporarily. On the other hand, it also means there is significant economic development, which could prove beneficial to you as someone who owns property in the area. It may be a sign of an up-and-coming neighborhood and growth in the future. You need to examine the types of construction projects planned for the area to determine what their true value is to you.

Be mindful of accessibility to amenities

If you would like to spend time at your favorite shops and diners, rather than time in the car driving to them, you should research how close the neighborhood is to your favorite amenities where you enjoy your leisure time. After all, you’ll feel happier having easy access to all your favorite spots, from unique boutiques to jazz clubs.
Also, the proximity of shops and restaurants to your new home will directly impact the value of that property. Buyers will typically pay a premium for a home with easy access to excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment scenes.
A few examples of the types of places you want easy access to include:

A quality grocery store

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Access to a quality grocery store is paramount because you will likely spend a fair amount of time there week after week. You should check out the options in the neighborhood to ensure that you have access to the types of groceries you like at a price you can afford. Perhaps you spend your weekend mornings perusing the aisles at Loblaws. Maybe your favorite store for fresh fruits is Longo’s, your go-to spot for specialty meats and pastries is Pusateri’s, and you always find the best deals at Coppa’s. No matter which market you like to frequent, make sure your chosen neighborhood will have easy, stress-free access!


You never know when you might need a pharmacy, but you don’t want to be inconvenienced when the need arises. It’s never fun to travel a great distance just to get some medicine when you aren't feeling well. That’s why easy access to a pharmacy is one thing that anyone reviewing a neighborhood should think about. Whether you need bandages at Shoppers Drug Mart or allergy relief at Rexall, you don’t want to be caught off-guard when you need it most.

Restaurants and coffee shops

Who among us isn't guilty of enjoying a meal at a fantastic restaurant or a fancy coffee from Tim Hortons or Starbucks? These are the kind of experiences that make life fun, and it is essential to have restaurants and coffee shops near your home so you can enjoy them easily.

Farmer's markets

Having a nearby farmer's market is not as critical as some of the other amenities on this list, but it is still a nice thing to have available if you love fresh food and local crafts. Farmer's markets are increasing in popularity as more and more people attempt to shop locally and enjoy a wider variety of fresh foods. Thus, it may be a nice upside to your potential home purchase if you select a community that has access to a farmer's market.


Going out for the night is much easier when the excitement is just a few minutes away. If you like to get out and enjoy some dancing and a few drinks with friends, look for a neighborhood with some fun-filled spots near your home that you can enjoy without having to travel far.

Of course, you don't need everything on the above list to be in immediate proximity to your new home, but it is great when you can check at least a few of these items off your list. Focus on the options that are most essential to you, and then consult with Katy Torabi to find a neighborhood with these features.

Check affordability

Everyone has some kind of budget when they go house shopping. Thus, it is important to discuss with Katy Torabi what kind of neighborhoods will be a good fit with the amount of money you’re able to put forward.
Neighborhoods that have many of the above amenities will likely have some of the highest-priced homes in the area. Properties in amenity-rich, conveniently located communities are in high demand, and that will drive their prices up. Thus, you may or may not be able to afford a home in such an area.
There is generally a give and take with these situations. You have somewhat limited resources, and this means that you must apply those resources towards what you can truly afford. You may have to make some compromises on what you can or cannot get in the neighborhood you move into. That said, Katy Torabi will always work diligently to ensure that you can get as many amenities as your budget will allow. She happens to be highly familiar with the area and knows how to dig up a good deal for her clients, even when no one else can.
Another thing to think about when looking at housing prices in a particular area is how they are likely to hold up in the future. Are there reasons to believe that the housing in an area will continue to increase in value over time?
Here are a few things that generally cause housing prices in a given neighborhood to increase over time (or at least remain stable):
  • Access to amenities (such as those listed above)
  • Attractive, well-maintained properties
  • Beautiful nearby scenery
  • Access to jobs
These characteristics are universally sought-after by buyers, and that is why it is important to ask about factors like these.

Look at multiple neighborhoods

Some home seekers become so enamored with the first neighborhood they come across that they stop searching after that point. This is a mistake. What looks perfect to you in the beginning may not appear quite as charming compared to other options that might suit your needs better.
You need to be patient and do some comparison shopping until you actually get to a place where you are completely satisfied with everything about the community. That kind of search takes time, and you need to give yourself the grace and time necessary to track down the right neighborhoods.

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